The Light of Other Days is a collection of evolving bodies of work highlighting the perceptual weight afforded to the materiality of the photograph. Exploring cultural, scientific, and personal themes within various landscapes around the world, we continually challenge our own understanding of nature.

This evolving engagement has produced responses to contemporary hunting culture and wildlife management issues through participation, legislative research and intervention (Dierdorff) to engaging in quantitative displacement and the history of collecting (Beam); our vision unites through the constant abstraction of the photograph’s material representation.

We question the value of the photograph and its effects on nature through employing image-based works; both traditional wet processes and digital, as well as video and sculpture. Uniting historical abstractions, such as photograms with other modern still and video works heightens the sense of time placed on our attempts to both document and confine the understanding of nature. A perceptual shift occurs in
The Shadow of a Core Sample, revealing an optical distortion through its forced context/function, just as the skin of the photograph replaces the skin of the animal, looking the same but worlds apart in A Matter of Distance.

What are the consequences of experiencing nature through images and representations? Our work investigates this question by making the means of representation transparent. In bringing attention to the materiality of the photograph, the rift between the real and the representation is made increasingly evident. At its core, our work is about confronting the veracity of the photograph in contemporary culture and questioning its hold on how we perceive the world around us.

As we investigate such questions we continually revisit the ideas present within these objects, re-contextualizing the work in response to each exhibition space and circumstance. Each installation is unique and determined by changing conceptual and material possibilities generated by our ongoing conversation and the opportunity that each exhibition space provides.


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